FormPro® Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) Wall System

FormPro® Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) Wall System

FormPro® ICF EE – Insulated Concrete Formwork Wall System

This permanent formwork wall system has insulation on both sides of concrete cavity to form load bearing walls. Great solution for thermal, fire and acoustic attenuation.


The FormPro® ICF EE wall system is a modular concrete formwork system that comprises two interchangeable, opposing panels joined by plastic connectors to lock the panels together and hold the steel reinforcement prior to pouring concrete into the cavity. The availability of various connector widths enables each panel combination to be used in a variety of concrete thicknesses creating an effective solution for any commercial or residential application.


FormPro® ICF EE is acknowledged as the most technologically advanced ICF wall system in Australia, because of its innovative design and technical features that set it apart from other ICFs. Since its introduction in 2004, it has become the ICF of choice for projects ranging from single storey residential to mine camps and multi-story buildings.

FormPro® ICF EE models (materials include 60mm EPS panel on each face with varying concrete cavity sizes):

Model no. Wall
Fire FRL Acoustics
Rw + Ctr
EE220 220mm 100mm 90/90/90 56 3.5m2.K/W
EE270 270mm 150mm 180/180/180 59 3.5m2.K/W
EE320 320mm 200mm 240/240/240 62 3.6m2.K/W