About Us

About Us


Formcraft began in 2004 with a vision to provide the construction industry with a new and exciting permanent formwork system that enabled faster construction times, was cost-effective and provides superior energy-efficiency. Formcraft has developed into a successful specialised concrete formwork manufacturing and construction business that services the residential and commercial construction sectors across Australia through state distributors and regional construction teams. Additionally, Formcraft has international arms operating through licenced manufacturers and distributors in Malaysia and New Zealand.


Design and development continues to provide some exciting new elements to the Formcraft Construction System. They provide an integrated system that meets fire, acoustic, thermal and structural code requirements.


Formcraft offers a number of complementary construction systems including:
FormPro® – Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) Wall System
FastForm® – Permanent Formwork Wall System
FormDeck – ICF Suspended Slab System


In Australia as in many other parts of the world there is a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability, immediacy and minimizing energy consumption. These are all values that we wanted to incorporate in an innovative construction system using energy efficient materials and having broad market appeal. As an Australian owned company, Formcraft aims to innovate, develop and supply these and other superior construction systems to an international market.



“We have found the Formcraft Method of Construction highly successful and would be interested in promoting its use in the future”
– Craig Steere Architects
“From a point of view, it offers a flexibility and simplicity that is unmatched. The full extent of Formcraft potential is yet to be tapped”
– Stirling Architects
“The school is extremely happy with the time taken to complete the building and our expectations have been surpassed by the efficiency of the construction team.”
– Swan Valley Anglican Community School
“The construction only took 3 weeks, it was very fast, it is a absolutely fantastic product. …We, without hesitation, would use Formcraft again and plan to do so in the not too distant future.”


– Chris & Sia Toscas
“The added advantage of thermal and acoustic insulating properties give me peace of mind for the future and assists us in gaining a greener result.”


– Garry & Antonette Jamar
“Formcraft’s solid concrete walls with the fire retardant formwork gave us the best thermal and fire protected home around… We wanted a solid energy efficient house… and boy did we get it.”


– Peter & Sharon Holland